CG Monitoring Jump Page

Downtime Notification -

  • To schedule downtime, use link above
  • List of servers/devices populated based on your IP address.  This works FROM your company Internet connection(s)

Primary Monitor -

  • Includes LogMeIn (LMI) remote access to servers and workstations
  • Full server monitoring
  • Basic network monitoring
  • Most alerts from here
  • Reporting via Coffer Group on request

Secondary Monitor App Download -

  • Works via web, but better experience and more options by downloading application
  • Detailed historical data for networking
  • Full network monitoring
  • Netflow information and Netflow like information for equipment that does not support Netflow (as supported and installed)
  • Wireless detail
  • VoIP monitoring (as supported and installed)
  • Ability to create own reports (for viewing and automatic send)